I have a friend of mine who has one of these, with a few upgrades. He's been trying to talk me into getting one, repeatedly telling me how easy it is to ride, etc. But I am somewhat intimidated by it. Also the price (although resale seems decent), and his insurance on the bike alone is more than I pay for a late… » 9/15/14 7:33pm Today 7:33pm

[REVIEW] Herpa 1:87 Mercedes-Benz W140 600 SEL

My time away is almost complete, and as it is Sunday, time for another review. This is something different yet again. I am the original owner of this lovely 1:87 W140, having bought it new back in the 90s, at a long-defunct little shop in the Vancouver area. I remember the place, as it had these Japanese robot kits… » 9/14/14 11:51pm Yesterday 11:51pm

I like the BelAir - 56 is my favorite year of tri-Chevies, but I don't know if that spare is actually original. I think the 1956 style whitewall was wider. If it was my car, I'd have caps/wide whites and a two tone interior, but I have no problem with powertrain mods to make it more useful in modern traffic. They… » 9/13/14 6:37pm Saturday 6:37pm