Cool. I saw a ~1:43 Corgi Pacer at a good diecast shop in Vancouver last month, but didn't check the price. I suspect it wasn't cheap. Cool car. Tomica had a nice small scale Pacer, too - one for the wish list. HW also had a Pacer, but a wagon. » 11/23/14 10:10pm 23 minutes ago

Nice Pocket Cars - you took care of your toys. Looks like you're from roughly the same era as me, maybe just earlier - I remember the tail end of Pocket Cars, but most of mine are lost to time. I await what else you have to share. » 11/21/14 6:35pm Friday 6:35pm

The Viper and Diablo soldiered on for a long time, I remember buying those around 1992, in the same colors. Those are models that for the time were amazing for the price point. Some castings were even older - their 300SL dates to the early 80s, I think. » 11/20/14 12:47pm Thursday 12:47pm