I was hoping my sale post wasn't out of line, but when I originally posted the hawl, many people jumped in and said they had interest. As I don't want to keep the stuff, it seemed like a match, I am not looking to make a fortune, rather to move it on to a good home. I suspect it isn't an issue. I also have a long… » 9/01/14 12:15pm Today 12:15pm

The Saab is a Japanese friction tinplate car, made by Bandai, in their late 50s-early 60s "Automobiles of the World" series. They had a huge lineup of models of cars from various countries. I have the fintail from the series, like this: » 8/31/14 2:05pm Yesterday 2:05pm

Cool stuff. As expected, no particularly rare varieties, but they couldn't be more charming with their boxes. Does the Rentaset have the little TVs? A sidenote, Y-15 was one of the very few Yesteryears ever made with grey wheels. » 8/30/14 1:06pm Saturday 1:06pm

I've seen this car in person numerous times, and met the owner several times. The car seems to run and drive fine, although I am sure it is a perpetual work in progress. You'd have to be in love with it to justify it, but a neglected 6.9 could bleed you dry faster, no doubt. » 8/29/14 2:51pm Friday 2:51pm