You mean the guy who got brake checked by a pack of bullet worthy trash, some of them members of the gang known as NYPD? If he lived in a city with real law enforcement, some of the trash would be behind bars. Oh well, one of them wound up in a wheelchair or something, and nobody mourned. Both the biker gang and the… » 11/25/14 10:15pm Yesterday 10:15pm

Nice, I had one of these when they were new. I think this was a 1989 release as you mention, I seem to remember mine from that same year. The 928 was getting a little old by then, but I still thought they were awesome. This basic casting soldiered on for a long time. » 11/25/14 9:22pm Yesterday 9:22pm

2010, Thanksgiving week, flying TXL-FRA-YVR-SEA (the price paid for a cheap ticket). Agent at TXL laughs at my itinerary and says I'll miss the last leg. I thought he was just being funny. Flight from FRA is delayed due to wind - guess what, I miss the connector in YVR. Then Seattle gets a freak snow event, Seatac is… » 11/24/14 12:37pm Monday 12:37pm

Cool. I saw a ~1:43 Corgi Pacer at a good diecast shop in Vancouver last month, but didn't check the price. I suspect it wasn't cheap. Cool car. Tomica had a nice small scale Pacer, too - one for the wish list. HW also had a Pacer, but a wagon. » 11/23/14 10:10pm Sunday 10:10pm